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Friday was fun with JM! But i guess have to talk softer a bit hahaha!

yay. From amanda's.

Today was blading with Nicole.. We spent quality time together! Hahahah according to her.. We had an evaluation of the day that we're suitable to go travelling together! HAHAHA. Our budget is low like crazy, but our list of to-dos is damn longggg! I rented a bike cause my rollerblade really sucked like shit, then we went to sit and talked at the jetty for damn long then forgot to conquer our mission to the end.. So totally not enough time alr :(  Then We walked from the market to macs and we were bitching, bitching and more bitching. Kinda mean lol but it was vvv fun! Cant wait to go travelling!!!!!!!!!! IN 5 YEARS!!!!!

No pictures cause our wigs were blown away by the strong wind..

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Hiiiiiiiiii blog!!!!!!! Today's D&T was....wasted. Shouldnt've watched tv till 9.30.. But at least i dont watch 3 movies and 3 drama like Harumi!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. & D&T HAS NO BELL CURVE!!!!!! So there goes A hope.. But even if there is, it may pull me down cause other schools are so powerful and muscular.. Left chinese and human geogy! But my physical geogy spoil alr so it's like whatever *flaunts my bimbo look*.

There's so many activities coming up!!! I want full 3 days softball camp, so i can finally stayover and tell my friends bedtime stories. I have this cool fairytale book if you didnt know.. And Charry, Harry and I walked to central today and Harumi wants to go Harvard. Then i ask is it S'pore Branch HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA it was so funny!!!!!!! My current hobby is to play 'MSN JigsawToo' with Charry hahahah fun like crazy but we're always stucked at 12 mins! KILL YOU!!!! Okay I am going to update my blog everyday after O's. Charry too!!! And i feel like moving to blogger HAHAHAH.

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Happy Birthday Kimi! (Uses calculator to type it out haha)

I got lump behind my head .. & it's hurting! I've been having really weird symptoms, like only my left side of my right eye can work for like an hr. And I thought i was going blind! Choi! Chemistry is fun,  c u.

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Yesterday after prelims was quite a blast.
Char, rumi and I had macs, since so longggggggggggggggggg after the clementi macs had closed down. And I was telling them about the movie i downloaded and it turned out to be an indian movie without subtitles!!!!!!! It's like waste of my effort!!! Grrrrr, but the rating was quite gd eh. So we were laughing very loudly at some random stuffs too! Miss those daysssssssssssssssss!

And then went for pooooool. Harumi went for a lot of discounts HAHAHA, she very gd at jumpshots leh, scaryyyyy. Then we were secretly saying that the guy opp kept looking, then he looked at us and gave a 'why are you talking about me, I'm such a hunk' smileeeeeeeeeee. Ewwww hahahahah.

Okay my face is like really distorted, and my skirt is as big as white house, if the picture appears bigger haha.

Cabbed to kimmy's :) They were watching some cook show which is so boring. So after a while of television, we went to mahjong! Then we got really sick of it, so we played the Mahjong Memory game. It was like crazy!!!!!!! and mind-racking. Very very stressed leh. Oh i was calling Charmaine, _______ hahahahaha it's so funny and nice to call. Charmaine was a blur girl at the start then suddenly BOOM, she got hell lot of pairs :S Then we went to swensens. It was a fun day galssssssssssssssssssssss, thanks :)

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It's time to take a little breather......... Okay the major papers are over. Left with D&T and Science paper 1. After prelims, i shall rest like 3 days? Then back to work!!!!!!!!!! But at the mean time, i shall go watch gg. See you later!

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Today geogy test, i sort of like 8 marks qns compared to those description one. Then during CME, the Four Heavenly Kings came to visit us hahahahha. Mr. Melvin Lim (HOD Of Maths), Mr. Tan Say Pin (HOD Of Humanites), Mr. Chan Leong Teck (HOD Of Science), Mr. Alfred Goh (HOD of D&T), then joining in Mr. John Lim (Discipline Master). It's like WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, lol cause our class is still sleeping and cant wake up. I bet, to them, worst class in history.  But seriously, some parts of their speech were seriously motivating. I want to experience the 'SHIOK FEELING' of Melvin Lim, stepping out of O Lvls Hall, knowing i'll get 95/100!!!!!!!!!!!!! Effort required!!!!!!!

Okay during assembly, my face spoilt on the screen. The class boys were making man noises saying that my face kept appearing on the screen cause last year GG pics hahahahhaa damn gay????? Er i posed in like 2 pics omg then showwwwwww, gone case. Then the charity guy asked whose face appeared the most time, then they shouted Peggy, and he thought it was Maggie then blah blah everyone staring and laughing then i cry  HAHAHAHHAHA k kidding, end of story.

Studied @ Library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a lot of maths qns to clarify!!! cheryl, dont be stressed k. HAHAHAHHAHA THEN WE STARTED THE PREGNANT TEST. I kept saying I cannot imagine Cheryl pregnant. She so tall, it's like a longbean being pregnant. Then we were saying Char sure is last one to get pregnant lolllllllllll!!! Wlao, then Harumi say i 2nd to get pregnant, LIKE DUDE, I AM SO DECENT ^^ ^^ Harumi and I are having a challenge on who masters Jay Chou's cowboy song first hahahahahha. I AM A RAPPER. And dont listen music with her, she changes it @ a rate of 100songs per second.

Char joined after her Oral. REM went central to eat :) Charmaine likes the electronic thing at the laksa stall cause she thinks it's fashion, then the fridge selling bread hahahahahah sry all inside jokes. Only Char laughes at my alien jokes. :) I like to ask Char to give me encouragement everyday lol. I like to receive msgs from her like ' Rmb to wash your bags and shoes' HAHAHAHAHHAHA damn gay.

Met Wanchee& gang at devil's court for mini soccer. Then up to Kim's hse for drinks!!!!!!!!!! But we stayed till 7+ for Olympics hahahahhaha. Charmaine and Pei Yi seriously laugh like manwhores, LIKE TOTALLY TOTALLY. We need to fight soon Pei Yi. Manwhores attack. I had several successful jokes today, i'm a happy girl :) AND CHEERS ON TEAM SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WON SOUTH KOREA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  LIKE GOOD JOB TIMES TEN!! So Char and I went to fairprice express to buy polar puffs then i suddenly sing take a bow then she laughed like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Charry oh Charry. Okay then home.

Okay then i joined Jerome's Bird-Dog Gang.
Official Symbol.

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HI BLOGGGGGGGGGGGG. Omg i love love love love love the olympics okay! I think the tiny China gymnasts are very very cute :] :] got one baby one cried, cheer up. And Korea Archery is like mannnnnnnnnnnnnn, damn gd. China, dont rain leh. And also Happy Bday Singapore!!! @ Aunt's Hse to catch fireworks! I taught my Aunty how to sms, then she kept spamming me Chinese Chain messages lolololol. And Theeban i know you're reading this. He kept telling me what the starhub channels are showing!!!!!!! WATCH OUT WATCH OUT, i am going to get SCV one day.. one fine day.. And pls rmb the deal ;) It's very very beneficial :) STUDY PEGGY!!!!!

Anyway Jerome is a gay, an African Girly Gay.
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I TOTALLY TOTALLY HEART HEART HEART YOU 4/3 GIRLS <3<3 I SWEAR YOU GUYS ARE MY BEST CAPTAIN'S BALL MATES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad we got this far, through our teamwork, communication, and also standing up from the lost battles. Let's try our very very best this friday okay! LOVE YOU GUYS :D Aim for swensens k? :D :D And sorry to all the team players my team and I have injured, no hard feelings okay? And of course, a big thank you to the supporters! :)

Okay i sound like i am writing a.. a..

Picture plus our captain Alexxxxxxx :D:D, and Elyna babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
Elyna: Are you bitching about me, bitches?
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